Saturday, September 19, 2015


Deep House Yoga

In my first post, Meditation in Motion, we had talked about many different aspects of sound, movement and expression that come alive as the mind moves inwards. The idea itself may seem intellectual, airy-fairy and impossible to fathom for a person who is so caught up with deadlines and exams that honestly one would not make the effort to move of of one's comfort zone( this used to be me a few years back!)so we wondered what if we set the stage for you and gave you a little nudge that said, 'Hey! Why dont you try this?" And it could be the doorway that allows you to step away from this mechanical- mundane existence that weve been so used to. As we deliberated, the plan fell into place effortlessly just as all wonderful things that are meant to be.

This month (and hopefully many more!) KYOGI is collaborating with Beeja, an organization that promotes organic spices and a holistic way of life as well as Food Illustrated, a wonderful blog that holds your hands through the ins and outs of life in its most natural form.

Together we bring you Calcutta's first DEEP HOUSE YOGA experience which will be held on 22nd of September, the venue being one of the city's best kept secrets. Join us in this rendezvous in candle light and an old world charm enmeshed in modernity that is house music.

So many asked us, what is..Deep House Yoga? And Mrinalika Bhanjdeo, the proprietor of Beej, had some interesting things to say... 

Close your eyes and let the cool music waves flow through your body, as you take in a deep breath.  Immerse yourself in the ebbs and flow of the minimalistic music and let your breath guide you as you move in different forms while focusing on your mind, body and soul.
The idea of merging music and yoga is one that captures the interest of both, young professionals and adventure seekers alike.  It creates a powerful synergy between your body and mind where you are calm and focused and at the same time feel a rush of adrenaline that charges your body and syncs the mind with the breath where they all merge as one.

Deep House Yoga takes basic yoga practices a step further, by creating an opportunity for full-body contemplation in an environment that otherwise may feel incongruous to meditation and reflection. But the unlikely combination works as people who enjoy dance, music and the ambience of a nightlife can come alive and seek spirituality through it.  While it's no substitute for a regular yoga practice, Deep House Yoga brings a welcome change of pace from a traditional wooden, airy studio.

The bigger picture for these classes focusing on integrating the mind, body, and spirit towards a wellness based approach in living,where ones active lifestyle or niche fitness interest is no reason not to enjoy practicing the way you like.

Lets revolutionize the way we look at what it means to be fit, happy and centered in our busy day to day lives!

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P.S.- We hope to see you there...and incase you havent registered look out for our next secret venue.
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